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As with all hair removal lasers, the best indications remain dark hairs on fair skin even though this device can epilate darker skin. At each session, all the hairs disappear, but you should plan on average 5 to 7 sessions spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart at the start.


Indeed, all the hairs are not in the same phase of development and that is why, only part of the hairs is present at a precise moment. The other part is in the rest phase which can last up to several months.


The session is only effective on visible hairs, which are in the growth phase, and to exhaust all of the hair stock in an area it is necessary to treat several times over a long period, of one year, or even more ... It is important not to epilate skin showing a tan so as not to cause burns.


Equipped with a cooling system, this hair removal is not very painful in practice, especially as on certain sensitive areas such as the bikini area or the face, it is quite possible to apply an anesthetic cream beforehand. The doctor will give you the correct indication, will always carry out the “shots” skin reaction tests for the configuration of the device and will ensure all epilations.


The laser in the center is a real diode laser, the Light Sheer © by Lumenis ©

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Image de Annie Spratt


underarms + single bikini line + half legs



Image de Annie Spratt


Underarms + Full bikini line

+ full legs