Femme esthétique cryolipolyse Teomera Gr

This process is based on the external cooling of adipose tissue. It leads to the destruction and the natural and final elimination of fat by apoptosis, a kind of fat cell suicide. We put at your service the Cristal technology of French design of the manufacturer Deleo.

CRISTAL technology allows the aspiration of the unwanted fatty fold inside the handpiece, then it is brought to a temperature of around -7 degrees for approximately 70 minutes. The cold allows the crystallization of adipocytes and the release of their lipid content. We then observe a reduction of about 30% of the fatty deposits. The other cells are not affected because they are not sensitive to the level of cold which is brought to the surrounding tissues. Several areas can be treated but those which respond best to this technology are the fatty deposits located at the abdominal level such as the “love handles” and the sub-umbilical area.

The device is equipped with handpieces of different sizes depending on the area to be treated, which allow it to adapt to different forms of fatty folds. A special wipe coated with cryogel protects the skin from the cold by interposing itself between the handpiece and the skin surface. At the end of the treatment, the device is removed and the treated area is massaged for a few minutes. After two to three months the results are visible and measurable.

One to two sessions are usually necessary depending on the thickness of the fatty tissue. Cryolipolysis is particularly suitable for people keeping a stable weight and practicing regular physical activity. It is a medical act which must therefore always be carried out under the strict supervision of the doctor.



245 CHF

Per session

490 CHF